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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find my login details?
Click on 'customer enquiries' at the top of the page, and request a reset. Please include your email for verification purposes.

How do I book on a course?
To book on a course you will need to have a login and password. These will be setup for one or more persons in your company when you opened your account with Schueco UK Limited. Once you are logged in you can select the required course, and add delegates. Customers are usually restricted on a course specific basis. See course overview.

I need to change one of my delegate's details?
You can edit all of a delegates detail except their name. Use 'customer enquiries' to supply the information you want us to change.

Why has the course I was going to book on Greyed out?
Courses greyed out are full and if there are no further courses we would recommend you add yourself to the Waiting List.

I cannot see any dates for the course I want?
The programme has a 8 week rolling window which reveals upcoming courses. We recommend that customers check the site regularly for new course dates.

Where can I get more information on a course?
Selecting the course either off of the ''Diary'' or ''Find a Course'' will give you an overview of the content. Additionally there is a PDF link at the bottom for a more detailed fact-sheet.

How do the on-line courses work?
Book your delegates on the course as per the FAQ above. The delegates will receive an invitation email 24 hours before the course begins, with their login details. Please login at least 15 minutes before the course starts. We recommend that delegates use headphones to shut out any background office noise. Delegates who have logged in to the course, will receive a Schueco Attendance certificate via email.


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