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The Training Department Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Schueco UK Learning & Development is to:

  • Promote the use of Schueco products and services to the industry in an innovative way
  • Continually develop ourselves to maintain up to date knowledge of the industry standards and also best business practices.
  • Supply product knowledge and professional development training and support to all of the department's customers
  • Encourage personal and professional development for everyone and supply information, advice and guidance whenever and where ever appropriate.

Vision Statement

To be at the forefront of Schueco UK and the industry as the first choice supplier of professional and attractive training and support, which will assist in all areas of staff and business development.

We constantly monitor the standard of our courses and speak to our customers to understand their development needs.

We maintain our position as the leading building systems supplier by reacting to our customers needs, identifying where their development is needed and giving them the knowledge and skills crucial for their success.

Training at your request

We understand that your demands to react quickly in the market are critical so we offer the option to run a course, just for you, tailored for your team.

Conditions and fees will apply. Contact your Schueco Business Development Manager or gbtraining@schueco.com for more information.


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